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Yo Soy Candle

8oz Yearly Subscription

8oz Yearly Subscription

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Imagine a little box of LIGHT surprising you at your doorstep each month. Filling your space with a warm glow and enchanting aroma, replenishing your soul with the power of I AM.  Empower yourself each month with a new blend and affirmation!


Each box includes:

  • One (4 or 8 oz) handmade soy candle

  • Three tea lights of mixed scents

  • Shipping and tax FREE 

July Subscription Candle:

I AM CONNECTED / Amber + Driftwood


4oz burn time = 20 hours
8oz burn time = 40 hours

All candles are hand poured in small batches using 100% US grown soy wax, cotton wick, essential oil and fine fragrance blends. Our products are free of phthalates, dyes, lead and paragons for clean breathing and a toxic-free environment. 

Your credit card will be charged the day of purchase and each month until discontinued.
**Subscriptions/purchases before or on the 15th will be mailed out on the 16th each month.
**Subscriptions after the 15th will be mailed out on the first day of the next month.

**ALL ADDRESS CHANGES MUST BE SUBMITTED THOUGH YO SOY. We are not responsible if a package was delivered to the incorrect address without submission. 

*If your subscription is a gift and you would like to add a special note, please send an email to us with what you would like to say.


"I ordered the I AM Optimistic candle box just in time to gift it to my mother in law for her birthday 1/20/17. When I received the box I could immediately smell the exotic scents contained within and almost did not want to give this box away. The Ginger Saffron candle and the (3) tea light candles (red currant, cider, and one other that I forgot the name of) with the I AM Optimistic affirmation is exactly what my mother in law needed to start her year off right and there is more happiness in giving than receiving.  I'm pretty sensitive to scents and therefore I'm unable to purchase any from Bath and Body Works as the scents will give me a headache within a short amount of time and there are a lot of unhealthy ingredients in those candles but not with Yo Soy. I'm so glad I received a Sweet Orange Chili Pepper candle in a past subscription box or I would have never known about this company. So go ahead and join you wont regret it!!" - Jenifer Hansen

"I've been a subscriber for several months now, and had to go from the 4 oz to the 8 oz package because the candles are so amazing that the smaller subscription just wasn't enough. Also, as much as I love candles, I was using so much wax that I contacted Leslie to ask if I could get wax melts instead. I thought they might have to take a month or so to process, but two days later they arrived! This is the best wax and the best subscription I've found! Thanks, Yo Soy!" -Karen Smiley

My son bought me a set for my birthday. I was so impressed by not only the candle but the positive message with it. I have enjoyed the candle AND the "I AM PRESENT" message that came with it. Keep it up Leslie! Thank you and all the best of luck to you and your company." - Connie C.

" This has been the single best gift I've ever given! It was form my nieces' bridal shower, a few months before the wedding. every month she got her new candle and settled down and relaxed and remembered that this was all for love and fun and community and her future - not a stressful party-planning mission. The wedding was lovely, she's lovely, and she still sends me monthly notes about how she wants to smell like the candles every day (perfume line, anyone?). -Susan T.


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