Frequently Asked Questions

What are your materials made from?

We are an eco-conscious brand which means we search for the most transparent and highest quality brands to partner with.

Our wax is 100% domestically grown, kosher soy wax with no added chemicals. It’s also compostable.

Our fragrance oils are a blend of essential oils and botanical extracts and are always free from  Carcinogens ✖ Mutagens ✖ Reproductive toxins ✖ Organ toxins ✖ Acute toxins.

Our wicks are 100% unbleached paper and cotton and are lead-free.

Our candle vessels are reusable, recyclable and purchased from companies in the US.

Can I bring my own candle vessel?
If your vessel is 100% clean, and made of glass or ceramic (not aluminum or metal) then we can accept 4-16 ounce containers, preferably no wider than 4 inches in diameter. Please measure for fluid ounces and send us a photo before bringing your vessel in to make sure it meets the requirements. Pick your scent, drop-off your candle vessel, and we will fill your re-usable vessel for $1.25/per ounce.  

Can I bring in my used Yo Soy Candle vessel?
Bring in your clean Yo Soy Candle candle vessel (with or without the lid), and receive a $1 credit per vessel towards another candle purchase!

Are you ADA-accessible?

Yes! Please send us a message so we can assist you.

Did we forget something? Contact us.